Mulch, Mulch, Mulch & More Mulch!

Our 2017 Mulch campaign is on! Our prices are great and we deliver too.  Plus, Mulch is one of our main fundraisers and funds raised help to offset the cost of some of the unique adventures the youth have planned!

The coloured mulch we sell is derived from fine textured virgin pine wood from Ontario’s forest industry.  Whether black, brown or red its colour will last all season long. Mulch will help reduce weeds, improves soil moisture retention capabilities, helps condition the soil and provides protection for plants from harsh weather.

As an alternative to coloured mulch we also offer Cedar Bark Mulch.  This mulch is a natural, un-dyed product.  The fibres of Cedar Bark Mulch have an incredible ability to mat and knit together to form an effective barrier against weeds. This property also makes it the number one choice for using on steep slopes where erosion from wind and rain are a concern. Over time, this mulch turns into the beautiful silver colour of aged cedar.